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As stalwarts of the local pop, jazz, and avant-garde communities, each member’s individual talents blend to create the Look Aways’ eclectic sound. Vocalist Erica Wilkes delivers a transcendent, almost dreamlike performance worthy of Astrud Gilberto or Lana Del Rey. Long-time musical cohorts, Anson Hohne on drums and Ben Rice on guitar act as a telekinetic catalyst to the group’s sound. The circle is completed by upright bassist Paul DeFiglia. His dynamic playing can be found in notable collaborations with artists such as Irma Thomas and The Avett Brothers.


“There is a special sort of trust within our group that allows us to explore our make-believe worlds in real time,” says Wilkes. “I like to think of our set as a collection of 3-minute plays. Each a space to play a new role.”

Together, the Look Aways are an aural adventure through boundless ambiance: perfectly at home on a hazy night under the moonlight, on a scarlet stage or among the glow of sea foam and waves. Even amidst the noise of Nashville, the Look Aways leave a lasting impression on listeners of all types.

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